Company Information

From household heirlooms to gallery and museum collections, In Restauro has been offering conservation
and restoration services since 1982.

We specialize in paintings but have also worked with sculpture and archeological commissions.

We are located in Toronto (Avenue Road and Lawrence) and can be reached at 416-781-7450 to book an appointment.

Our services include:

  • Clean and repair damaged or vandalized works of art
  • Condition reports for individual art pieces or entire collections
  • Examination of auction items for defects and/or previous repairs
  • House calls (larger works or fire, smoke and water damage etc.)

All art objects are sensitive to the influence of temperature, humidity fluctuations (especially acute in some parts of Canada with dry winters + humid summers) and ranging light levels. We can advice our clients regarding their collection on:

  • Optimal atmospheric conditions
  • Optimal and safe levels of light
  • Storage parameters
  • Shipping requirements

Commonly Asked Questions

What does the process entail?
Before proceeding with any conservation work we provide:

  • Verbal consultations in our studio free of charge
  • Written condition report
  • Treatment proposal
  • Cost estimate
  • Written treatment report (upon completion)
  • Photographic documentation

Is is worth doing?
Conservators are not appraisers (as this may result in a conflict of interest). In Restauro provides an estimate for conservation treatments only. The decision should rest with the client since many different components can determine “value” such as market conditions, sentimental attachment, archival importance, national patrimony significance ect.

Will conservation affect the market value of artwork?
If a work of art is valuable to begin with, a competent professionally conducted conservation treatment may make the work more desirable or sought after, but most artists have a “set” market value. A conservator cannot turn a poor work of art into something great but can make it more “presentable” or contribute to it’s longevity.